Sunday, July 26, 2020

Thranduil's Shadow

In this story I attempt to explain how the Elvenking became so cold and angry, and why he seems to completely lack social skills. 

I plan to follow Thranduil from his youth until his son Legolas is born, and since he was born in the First Age there will be many thousands of years to cover... Some time jumps will happen. :)

“You make it sound so easy.” He sighed.
“It is easy. We undress. We pray to Eru. We do it.”


In ancient Doriath, young Thranduil rushes into marriage and Aerneth joins his dysfunctional family. Shadowed through the Ages by his dominant father and a dark world, facing wars, dragons and kinslayings, they at last find healing and love in Mirkwood.

– Or, the Silmarillion from Thranduil’s perspective.

Pairings: Thranduil x Aerneth

Rating: M

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