Sunday, September 5, 2021

Dragon Deception

Today my story Dragon Deception was finally revealed! I wrote it for the Tolkien Reverse Summer Bang 2021, which is an event where artists submit art and writers use it as a prompt. 

I’ve been super hyped to show my contribution. :D I finished it already in August and have been sitting on it since...

My story is based on a chapter in the Silmarillion, which I tweaked a little bit and added some divine intervention. It can be read 'fandom blind', without any prior knowledge of Tolkien's books. 

It has a dragon… angst… drama… romance… and a happy ending eventually! 

The art I chose is called "In the Wake of Glaurung" and was made by Zomburai, see below.


Only Finduilas stands between Túrin and the doom the Dark Lord has intended for him, but before he can rescue her he must face Glaurung, Father of Dragons.

- A fix-it version of the Silmarillion events, where things don't go quite according to Morgoth's plans. :)

Pairings: Túrin x Finduilas, and Niënor x Brandir 

Read it here:

With chapter pictures, and easy to read via browser or an app. Need an account on the site (which is free).

Simple text layout, no account required.

Simple text layout, no account required.