About Me

I'm a Christian writer and book lover, who lives in Sweden with a husband and three teens, where I also work as a Biology teacher.

My social media and fanfic site profiles:
  • Tumblr - where I post and reblog pictures, gifs and other fandom related stuff, as well as teasers for my new chapters.
  • Facebook - not very active.
  • Wattpad - a site for both fanfiction and original fiction. I plan to eventually publish original stories there as well.
  • Fanfiction.Net - a simple, text based site for fanfiction. I prefer reading stories through their free app, which also has no annoying ads.
  • Archive Of Our Own - a fan made site for fanfiction and original fiction.
  • Quotev - another site for both fanfic and original stories.

My writing:

When I write, I try to make my stories realistic (as far as it's possible in Fantasy worlds). I like it when relationships develop slowly, I believe in attraction at first sight, not love at first sight...

In my fanfictions, I research general things such as clothes and materials, foods, plant life, animal life, historical healing methods and weapon practice. I also research lore about the canon characters. For my Tolkien stories I read about the races of Middle-earth and their customs, the world's geography and history, and in my Jack Sparrow-story I read about the Pirates of the Caribbean universe.

My Fanfics:
  • Horse Lady of Rohan - a Legolas lovestory (complete)
  • Cat of the Fellowship - another Legolas lovestory (WIP)
  • Thranduil's Shadow - How Thranduil met his wife (WIP)
  • Afterlife - a crossover between Titanic and Pirates of the Caribbean (complete)
  • Mimi's Middle-earth Tales - a collection of one-shots
  • Mimi's X-Reader Stories - a collection of short stories 

My Original Works (in Swedish, not published online):
  • Mikael - a Christian children's book (complete)
  • Drakflickan - a children's Fantasy, my only "traditionally" published book (complete)
  • Paradise Planet - a Science-Fantasy series. The first part is ongoing on Wattpad (complete in Swedish, WIP in English)
  • Fiskeslavens Resa  - a novel about trafficking, illegal immigration and human smuggling (WIP)
  • Lots of poetry and short stories 

My Favorite Authors:
  • Terry Pratchett ♡♡♡
  • Robin Hobb (her Liveship Trader series)
  • J.R.R Tolkien (everything he wrote)
  • Diana Wynne Jones (I even named a character after her!)
  • Douglas Adams
  • David Eddings
  • Jane Austen
  • ...and many more I can't think of right now. :)


  1. You has so many books!
    ~ Darth Feanor =)

    1. And yet those are not all haha. Only the ones in English. :D